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Duralloy Pearlescent finishes

Duralloy’s durable polyester thermosetting powder coat range.


Ideal for most residential homes & interior projects

Duralloy’s range of popular pearlescent and metallic finishes..


The Duralloy® Pearlescent range is a collection of popular pearlescent and metallic finishes, delivered with warranty grade advanced durable polyester thermosetting powder.

It is ideal for use:

  • On pre-treated architectural grade aluminium
  • On mild steel, bright/semi bright steel, black steel and blue steel
  • In mild exterior conditions
  • On galvanised steel, stainless steel and Zincalume®
  • In general interior conditions
  • In environments greater than 100m from the high tide mark
  • On the following interior and exterior projects:
Non-habitable Residential 4 Levels Residential 3 Levels Commercial 4 Levels Commercial 3 Levels Prestigious Commercial Monumental
Interior · · · · · · ·
Exterior · ·
Interior Exterior
Non-habitable · ·
Residential 4 Levels · ·
Residential 3 Levels ·
Commercial 4 Levels ·
Commercial 3 Levels ·
Prestigious Commercial ·
Monumental ·

Duralloy is only suitable for coastal environments >100m from the high tide line and are NOT suitable in strongly acidic environments so the pH must be between 5 and 9.

Please refer to the ‘Interior and exterior environments close to liquids other than the sea’ section for warranty implications for in such environments.

Duralloy® Pearl®


  • Durable polyester thermosetting powder coating
  • Alumi Shield™ warranty
    – 10 Year Aluminium Durability warranty
    – 10 Year Aluminium Colour warranty
  • Steel Shield™ Warranty
    – Up to 10 Year Steel Corrosion warranty
    – 10 Year Steel Colour warranty
  • Extensive range of pearlescent colours and gloss levels
  • Formulated to meet: AS3715, AAMA 2603.

Selected Duralloy colours are available with RapidCure™ Technology enabling reductions in energy consumption during curing and or increased process line speeds. For more information on RapidCure Technology see here.


  • Guaranteed performance on appropriately pre-treated aluminium and steel*
  • Good colour retention
  • Durable hard wearing finish


*Warranties are only valid when applied by a Dulux Accredited or Dulux Prime Accredited Powder Coater to the warranty specification on recommended projects, and subject to specified warranty terms and conditions.

Product Information

Project Types

Exterior projects

  • Residential buildings less than 4 levels
  • Non-habitable

Interior projects

  • All commercial buildings
  • All residential buildings
  • Non-habitable


Developed primarily for use on extruded aluminium, including window and door joinery, and extruded aluminium panel work on class 1 & 10 residential buildings under the Australian Building Code. Duralloy is also suitable for use over a variety of substrates, including mild steel and aluminium.


Ideal for warranty grade application over:

  • Architectural aluminium including perforated aluminium
  • Mild steel, bright/semi bright steel, black steel and blue steel

Duralloy can also be used on the following but is not warranted:

  • Galvanised steel, stainless steel, zincalume, non ferrous metals


Durable polyester thermosetting powder




Pearlescent look


Matt and satin finishes

Interior or Exterior

Interior and exterior use

Colours displayed should be used as a guide for your colour selection.
Always confirm your colour choice with a production line prepared swatch for final colour approval.
* Only Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters are able to issue our Dulux Alumi Shield™ and Steel Shield™ warranties after demonstrating their capability to meet stringent quality conditions and international standards.

Worth doing, worth Dulux.®