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Dulux SpecMap is a smart online tool that helps you identify and specify Dulux Powder Coating on exterior surfaces of your projects based on project type, location, and corrosivity zone.

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Check your spec easily online

SpecMap provides an indicative specification for recommended powder coat topcoats for exterior surfaces of your projects based on project type, location and corrosivity zone.


For a quick overview of SpecMap watch the introduction video.

To use SpecMap simply follow the prompts below to identify product choices for your project:

Important Information

Advice and recommendations through Dulux SpecMap

SpecMap provides an indicative top coat powder coating specification based on the atmospheric corrosivity data for the project. We always recommend you to call our Advice Line to confirm your project specification, especially for commercial projects.


The atmospheric corrosivity zone indicated by SpecMap can be superseded for some commercial projects, eg airports and manufacturing sites, due to localised influencing factors such as:

  • ●  Levels of atmospheric pollution including salts, dirt, and grime that can all accumulate over time
  • ●  Winds carrying airborne debris that can cause erosive wear of the coating e.g. sand causing abrasion


Coating/product systems can be expected to perform as indicated on the product data sheets so long as applications and application procedures of the individual products are followed as recommended on the appropriate product data sheet and are also maintained within the Dulux recommended Care and Maintenance guidelines.


Any recommendation provided by Dulux Powder Coatings through the SpecMap tool in relation to goods manufactured by it or their use and application for a project is given in good faith and is believed by Dulux Powder Coatings to be appropriate in accordance with the information entered.


Need more help?

Our dedicated consultants can help confirm your powder coating project specification. Simply call 0800 800 975


Developed with industry experts

Dulux SpecMap has been developed in collaboration with industry experts:

  • • NIWA –The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.
  • • HERA –The Heavy Engineering Research Association

SpecMap provides a indicative specification based on the corrosivity data supplied. We always recommend you to call our Advice Line to confirm your project specification.

Data Source of Maps:
Climate data used is based on the 30 year period 1971 – 2000.
Projection: New Zealand Map Grid
Copyright: NIWA and HERA 2020

Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters

Only Dulux Accredited and Dulux Prime Accredited Powder Coaters are able to issue our Dulux Alumi Shield™ warranties after demonstrating their capability to meet stringent quality conditions and international standards. Warranties are only valid when applied by a Dulux Accredited or Dulux Prime Accredited Powder Coater to the warranty specification on recommended projects, and subject to specified warranty terms and conditions.


Find out more about Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters here.


Dulux Accredited Powder Coater


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