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Sustainability at Dulux Powder Coatings

We believe sustainability is everyone’s business. Anything worth doing depends on a stable climate, a balanced environment, and strong communities.  We are proud to share some of our current sustainable products and initiatives that we are actively focusing on.

Why Dulux Powder Coatings are an
environmentally sustainable choice

As part of our commitment to sustainability we aim to minimise our environmental footprint in everything we do.


Dulux Powder Coatings are the environmentally responsible choice as there are no solvents or VOCs in our powder coatings – that’s a huge advantage.


We are committed to “Be the Change” for a sustainable future by providing solutions for:

  • Waste to landfill reduction
  • Powering our factories with renewable energy
  • Recyclable product packaging solutions
  • Long lasting durability

Dulux Powder Coatings is part of the broader Dulux Group business sustainability goals.


View the DuluxGroup Sustainability Report here.


We are committed to our goal of no factory waste to landfill and working with our customers to
eliminate their waste to landfill.





We are now using renewable energy to power our Powder Coatings factories.


Our Glenfield factory in Auckland is powered by Hydroelectricity, a renewable energy source that relies on the inflow of water into storage lakes upstream of a dam.




Dulux Powder Coatings are proud members of:

New Zealand Green
Building Council (NZGBC)

Toitū enviromark®
Gold Certification



Worth doing, worth Dulux.®