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Colour Forecast 2022.

Introducing three new tonal palettes inspired by our natural surroundings: Flourish, Restore and Wonder


Styling: Bree Leech Photographer: Mike Baker
2021 | 2022

2022 New Colour Forecast

Introducing three new tonal palettes inspired by our natural surroundings. They feature rich, earthy tones and natural textures, alongside joyful, summery hues that awaken a zest for life.

The full 2022 Colour Forecast range is available as a brochure download below, or visit the Dulux Specifier site here.

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Introduce a sense of adventure with rich, sensual hues, warm neutrals and pops of gold.

The Flourish palette speaks to our newfound sense of adventure and passion for life. It features rich, sensual hues alongside warm neutrals and pops of gold. These colours create a feeling of warmth and intimacy and remind us of the rich and fascinating traditions found in different cultures around the globe.

The Flourish palette allows you to be inventive and rewrite design rules. Your interiors can be layered, expressive and unapologetically individual. Combine moody hues with warm neutrals to create a feeling of warmth.

The Flourish Powder Coat palette

Deep, dark hues combined with bright splashes of colour give this palette a rich and sophisticated feel. The Flourish pallet has a mix of sensual hues such as Duralloy Storm Blue and Duralloy Scoria alongside warm neutrals seen in Duralloy +PLUS Warm White Pearl.


Create a calm and reassuring backdrop with gentle, earth-based neutrals and rugged, natural tones.

The colours of the Restore palette recede and do not demand attention, instead they allow us the space to step back and soothe our senses. Soft neutrals and muted tones have a naturally calming effect and are a perfect way to bring a sense of mindfulness and clarity into any environment.

The sense of touch we’ve been deprived of is at the forefront of considered design. Having spent so much time on our devices, there’s a desire for a connection with the natural world.
The desire for tactile experiences is reflected in design, with the use of natural fibres and materials, such as raw timber, unstructured linen and textured stone.

The Restore Powder Coat palette

Monochromatic colours help create a relaxing aesthetic. Soft neutrals such as Duralloy +PLUS Canvas Cloth and Duralloy Bone White, and nature-inspired colours like Duralloy Charcoal pair well with natural textures.


Bring a dreamy and sentimental feel using playful, summery, 80s-inspired colours.

The Wonder palette reflects our desire to be less serious and welcome fun back into our lives. Colours are playful, summery and 80s-inspired. Together they create a dreamy and sentimental feel.

There’s a sense of reawakening and celebration as we prepare to connect with friends, family and our everyday lives. The wonder palette allows us to introduce colours that bring joy and optimism back.

The bright colours evoke memories of carefree days and help us imagine possibilities going forward. The Wonder palette is a celebration and acknowledgement of what joy and inspiration we can discover.

The Wonder Powder Coat palette

Unexpected combinations emphasise the whimsical nature of this look. The Wonder palette combines the green tones of Duralloy +PLUS Mist Green and Duralloy Bond Rivergum to create a stunning backdrop. Duralloy Wedgewood adds a dreamy blue to the playful mix.

You can download the 2022 New Colour Forecast brochure here

2022 New Colour Forecast
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