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Colour Forecast 2024

Presenting palettes that step deeper into the mid tone shades to evoke feelings of warmth, security and resilience while reflecting an inner desire for positivity and spaces that nurture.


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Colour Forecast 2024

In 2024 the Colour Forecast palettes have become more sophisticated. Whilst tonal palettes are still popular and particularly comforting, this year we will see a significant shift towards the use of multi-hued schemes. The colours are richer and there are less pastel and bright shades than last year, with a shift towards more sophisticated nostalgic references.

Predominant hues in the 2024 Colour Forecast include warm colours with a yellow influence, pink that appears in clay hues and reddy browns, olive green and accents of pale blue and zesty yellow. Each palette features colours from across our decorative paint coatings and Dulux Powder Coat colours.

The full 2024 Dulux Colour Forecast range is available as a brochure download below or visit the Dulux Specifier site here.

You can review the 2024 Dulux Colour Forecast Powder Coat colours for each trend below and order sample swatches.

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Solstice - A melting pot of Mediterranean, Scandinavian and African influence

The Dulux Solstice palette connects to the sun as its life force and serves as a reminder that as the days grow longer, better days are ahead.  The trend is rich with organic and primitive shapes, with colours that wrap warmth around the inhabitant to evoke feelings of security and strength.
A predominant feature includes clay brown shades with red undertones. Creating a sense of comfort, these sun-soaked shades are adorned with accents in pale blues and zesty yellows.
Sure to appeal to a broad audience with its restorative warmth, Solstice will create joyful, cosy spaces to provide comfort and form the perfect backdrop for gatherings and entertaining spaces.
The Solstice Powder Coat Palette
The Solstice powder coat palette features the soft neutrals of Duralloy Metro Warm White Pearl Kinetic® and Duralloy Rivergum Beige Matt and the earthy warmth of Duratec Eternity Vintage Copper Kinetic Matt and Duratec Elements Weathered Steel Flat.

Photographer: Lisa Cohen | Styling: Bree Leech


Journey – Journey palette weaves together elements of bohemian charm, eclectic allure and highlights the art of craft

Taking influence from our travels, folk traditions and cultural differences, the Dulux Journey is a maximalist and pattern-heavy palette It is about the story of an interior with a focus on the objects and items handed down and the rich ancestral heritage they represent.
An overarching warmth, The Journey palette brings together rich mid tone hues, with yellow greens and warm blues alongside rich decadent reds and plum shades for contrast.
The Journey Powder Coat Palette
The Journey powder coat palette features the gentle beachy pink tones of Duralloy Magnolia Matt, clear blue water with Duralloy Wedgewood Matt, get back to nature with Duralloy + PLUS Bond Rivergum Matt and enjoy the rich, shimmering depth of Electro Burnished Copper Kinetic Flat.

Photographer: Lisa Cohen | Styling: Bree Leech


Muse - the perfect balance between the expressive colours featured in postmodern interiors and the emerging modern hues in contemporary design

A colourful array of hues predominantly within the mid tone, the Dulux Muse palette evokes a nostalgic feeling and celebrates iconic designers and design details from the 60’s through to the 80’s, with a particular focus on the glamorous and adventurous 70’s.
With contemporary design at its heart, the palette exhibits a sophisticated use of materials and textures. Walls are painted in solid blocks of bold colour, with rich tans and russet browns featuring heavily, alongside cooler blues and greens, to inspire a feeling of unobstructed creativity.
Highlights from the Muse palette include warm browns paired against cooler greens and clean mid blue accents.
The Muse Powder Coat Palette
The Muse powder coat palette is playful and features bright blues including Duratec Intensity Reef Gloss and Duratec Intensity Coast Satin, fun, opulent Electro New Copper Kinetic Flat and reddy brown of Duralloy + PLUS Pioneer Red Matt.

Photographer: Lisa Cohen | Styling: Bree Leech

You can download the 2024 New Colour Forecast brochure here

2024 Dulux Colour Forecast
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